Wellness at Work: how to support staff wellbeing in the MetaVerse

As companies navigate a rapidly evolving digital and virtual landscape, their employees are seeking jobs that provide them with greater flexibility, work-life balance and on-demand access to wellbeing support.

Wellness at work: how to support staff wellbeing in the Metaverse

As companies navigate a rapidly evolving digital and virtual landscape, their employees are seeking jobs that provide them with greater flexibility, work-life balance and on-demand access to wellbeing support.

“What’s new about this?” You might be wondering.

Well: changed ways of working demand changed approaches to supporting staff wellbeing. And whether your company is still getting the hang of Zoom or you’ve already built yourself an office in the metaverse, it’s likely that you could use some advice on deploying the latest wellbeing technology.

We’re sure you already know that team health and happiness matters in more ways than one. That’s why in this blog we’re exploring three powerful ways that you can use wellbeing technology to support your workforce, improve retention and supercharge success in 2022 and beyond.

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Build channels of communication that drive connection

Remember the old saying: a problem shared is a problem halved? This helps explain why open channels of communication and social connection are so important to mental and emotional wellbeing.

And the workplace is no exception. However big or small your team, it’s important that each individual feels their voice is being heard, that they feel part of a workplace community, and that they can ask for support when they need it.

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Go beyond stale Zoom and Slack chats to help your team build relationships that feel authentic. For example, creating virtual lounges and coffee rooms where colleagues can interact as avatars could help bring back those ‘water cooler’ moments that remote workers miss out on.

When it comes to social events and activities, the sky’s the limit. Try VR concert trips, a pool tournament or a scavenger hunt to bring employees together and encourage participation and engagement.

Harness data to help you listen to your team

Despite good intentions from managers, it’s often tough to find out what your employees really think and feel at any given moment. We’re all conditioned to conceal our thoughts and emotions, especially in the workplace, but this can result in crossed wires, unhealthy relationships, and missed opportunities for improvement.

But new AI-powered feedback technology is now making it possible for managers to survey and engage their teams in real-time. Whether you want to find out whether a certain wellbeing initiative has been well-received, or if you want to track your team's alignment with company goals, it’s possible for employers to create and share bespoke digital feedback forms with their dispersed teams.  

The Virti feedback suite allows for employee feedback - quantitative and qualitative - to be collected and analysed from within the platform, generating custom reports with actionable insights. This makes listening to your team easy, and supports you to deliver change that will positively impact wellbeing.

Feedback by Virti

Our feedback suite allows for realtime employee feedback to be collected and analysed from within the Virti platform. Create focused feedback forms and surveys in minutes and customise how and when employees engage with feedback.

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Provide access to impactful wellbeing resources

While many employees wish to take care of their wellbeing, it can be difficult to access support. Remove these barriers by providing engaging resources which can be accessed on-demand in the workplace or from the comfort of employees’ own homes.

At Virti, we’ve created free virtual mindfulness and meditation resources for all of our team members to use. And you can too! Using our content creator tools, it's easy to build simulations tailored to the particular needs of your workforce. You might offer a virtual reality guided meditation programme focused on reducing stress, dealing with anxiety, or building confidence, for example.

Our Virti Wellness playlist on YouTube is made from excerpts of our internal mindfulness content. We also offer this content to all our customers, so if you're interested in setting your company up with Virti Wellness, say hi!

By improving access to support using wellbeing technology, you’ll encourage employees to actively take time for their wellbeing. The result? Greater wellbeing, increased productivity and higher retention.

Follow these steps for boosting staff wellness in the metaverse with wellbeing technology and you and your workforce will reap the rewards.

Get in touch with our team to find out how Virti can help you put workplace wellbeing strategies into action. And for further support on workplace wellbeing, take a look at our wellness insights, tips and tools.

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