Virti Web Video Player 2.0 Announcement 🖥

We've just released a new update for the Virti Interactive Video Player on Web. The 2.0 update allows learners to access interactive video from their desktop and complete interactive simulations and courses to level up your learners!

Virti Web Video Player 2.0 Announcement 🖥

We've got some exciting new features to share with you! Our engineering team has been hard at work developing a new interactive video player that will allow organisations' employees to access the Virti platform and engage with interactive training videos and material straight from their desktop!

The Virti Interactive Video Player 2.0 now offers users and learners access to interactive videos straight from their desktops - no need for downloads or plugins! The player features everything you would expect in an industry leading video player: play/pause buttons, volume controls, course selection, subtitles/captions settings etc., but it also allows users to interactively complete exercises right within the browser window within an immersive environment to engage and up-skill individuals fast and effectively.

Web Player simulation interface desktop

Increase Your Learner Engagement With Interactive Video

Here at Virti, we are laser focused on Learning & Human Performance. As we have discovered through practice and experience, learning is about more than just reading or listening. Learning is a hands-on experience that can be both entertaining and rewarding. This is why our Virti Interactive Video Player 2.0 has been designed to take video content to the next level with interactive simulations created by your organisation which use evidence-based learning methods like active recall and game design. This helps companies create, scale and analyse training experiences and monitor employee progress from within their preferred browser.

We have put effectiveness and user experience at the forefront for this release. Our Learning Library houses all of your company's-approved content, which means no more hunting around or waiting for downloads - it's all right there in one place and learners can access training content from their web browser while admins can track progress and training compliance.

Web Player achievement and summary interface desktop

Interactive Video Use Cases

With Virti's no-code interactive video system your organization can take any 2D or 360 video and make it interactive. This allows you to provide your people with a broad range of interactive training such as onboarding training to improve ramp time and reduce employee churn, diversity training where branching decision-trees can be utilised to challenge your people to make fair, unbiased decisions in difficult HR scenarios and mindfulness and well-being together with any technical or soft-skills training you can think of.

Key features of our Interactive Web Player Video:

  • Learning outcomes on web: Learners can see and review learning outcomes and information before heading into a video simulation on web.
  • Feedback integration: Collect feedback using Virti's feedback system before and after training to assess improvement and qualitative feedback.
  • Improved interface: Get more information at the end of a training sessions and alerts if you leave a simulation early to make things even easier.
Virti Interactive Web Player 2.0 desktop

Please contact our sales team if you would like a demo of our new interactive web video player!

Sneak peak - 3 exciting launches we plan to roll out soon as part of our immersive learning features.

We're really excited about some of the new releases we're working on, so make sure that you are signed up to our Virti Level Up newsletter to hear about our latest news before everyone!

  • The Virti (Facebook) Community: This will be a place for learners, creators and anyone interested in human performance to connect and share content and best practises in immersive training and soft-skills.
  • Feedback: The feedback area allows you to collect feedback on employee and learner well being together with feedback on individual training content to help you get the best out of your people and track their well-being.
  • Virtual Human Objectives and Web: We're adding in a new layer of game design to our virtual humans and we have also been hard at work optimising the learner web-experience.

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