#22 Simulation Training in Healthcare, Performing Under Pressure and Data in Training

#22 Simulation Training in Healthcare, Performing Under Pressure and Data in Training

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This week Alex is joined by Russell D. Metcalfe-Smith, FHEA, MSc, NRP, CHSE-A, CHSOS, who is the director of the Women's Guild Simulation Center For Advanced Clinical Skills at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. Russell leverages his years of innovative healthcare leadership within some of the world's largest hospital systems to help healthcare systems make bold strategic decisions, reduce costs and improve patient care.

As a senior leader, he has developed and put into practice transformative services in the international healthcare sector. From his early days as a registered paramedic and a head of resuscitation services in the United Kingdom, he learned how to maximize outcomes with few resources and little time. This fueled extensive research into more effective solutions, processes and procedures. He gained experience within-hospital acute care, mental health, primary care and emergency care in Europe—and more recently in the U.S. He then delivered innovative training programs to international healthcare officials and clinicians, developing a world view of healthcare. Such exposure broadens perspectives, offering innovative approaches to change.

At Cedars-Sinai, he provides the strategic, operational and program leadership for the Women's Guild Simulation Center, which brings experiential learning experiences to 25,000 physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals annually.

He was involved with the simulation center from its early stages. From day-to-day operational leadership and education, to fundraising events where he educates senators and business leaders on the center's efficacy, Metcalfe-Smith is devoted to making the simulation center transform patient care and discover new best practices and evidence-based research opportunities.

He is one of the few people internationally to hold the CHSE-A certification demonstrating leadership in simulation. He holds multiple positions on international committees and boards. Alex and Russell discuss the importance of simulation in healthcare, the need to collect unique data on learner performance and how organisation reacted to COVID-19. https://twitter.com/SimCenterCS