Virti Meet the Team: Peter Zweibel, Product Manager

As Product Manager, Peter works hard to make sure that our products are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and partners.

Virti Meet the Team: Peter Zweibel, Product Manager
Virti Meet the Team: Peter Zweibel, Product Manager

As Product Manager, Peter works hard to make sure that our products are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and partners.

Tell us a little bit about your background

My mission has always been to help others get the most out of life, develop their talents and push their boundaries. I started out studying for a B.A. in Economics at Boston College, and from there I jumped straight into the world of startups.

I joined a brand new health tech startup and worked in ops, helping them set up the business and navigating the maze of early-stage operations. Later, I took on the Head of Product role and began my career in product management, defining the patient engagement product and launching it across four large health systems in NYC. I spent the next couple of years implementing, expanding and building out the product. I learned the hard way that in healthcare and enterprise software there is no such thing as a shrink-wrapped product! I went on to lead and manage the product and engineering teams.

The lessons learnt and experience I built throughout this journey were incredibly valuable, and by 2020 I knew I was ready for a fresh challenge. When I came across Virti, I was excited to find a company so closely aligned with my own mission and an opportunity that fitted my skill set so neatly.

When did you first become interested in virtual and augmented reality technology?

About five years ago, at VR World in NYC, I played a game during which it felt like I was walking the plank on top of a fifty-story building. I took one step, my heart started pounding, and I took the headset off and said: “nope, I’m out.” It was too realistic! That was the first moment at which I understood the power and potential of immersive technology.

How Technology will be Key to the Future of Learning & Development
People are always surprised when I tell them that Virti isn’t a VR company. Instead, I tell them we are a learning company that uses technology to deliver the best learning possible. It’s not the technology itself that matters, but what we do with it.
Virti Insights

When (and why) did you join the Virti team?

I joined Virti in July 2021. During the pandemic, I started taking online classes and learned something new about myself: I actually loved to learn and improve every day - which wasn’t always the case when I was at school! That’s when I realized that I wanted to help others get excited about upskilling too. I came across Virti, whose mission to improve human performance by making experiential training accessible and affordable to everyone was a perfect fit.

Can you describe your role at Virti? What does a ‘typical’ day look like?

As a Product Manager, I am responsible for evaluating opportunities and determining what gets built and delivered to customers. There is no such thing as a typical day, but I spend a lot of time interacting with customers and users so I can better understand their needs. From this, I brainstorm and prototype new solutions, and put together product requirements for the engineering team.

What skills did you bring to the team, and what skills have you developed since joining?

As the first dedicated Product Manager at Virti, I am using human-centered design and design thinking skills to make sure our products are developed in line with what our users actually need. It’s really important for us to figure out which features meet those needs as powerfully and efficiently as possible.

At my first company, we had not yet grown to have full marketing, CX, sales, and design teams. So here at Virti I have learned to work collaboratively with those teams and people. In particular, I have learned a lot about building products with a front-end user experience.

What excites you about being part of Virti?

In short: the mission, the people, and the opportunities to improve. I get to solve a problem I care deeply about, while working alongside some of the most highly motivated, positive, skilled and empathetic people I have ever met. I love knowing that I’m constantly learning and growing in my role every day.

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What’s your proudest achievement (so far) as part of the Virti team?

My proudest achievement is setting up the customer discovery program for our Virtual Human product. Working hand-in-hand with our customer partners to directly inform our product with user feedback has been a huge boost to our ability to build features quickly and iteratively. We’ve already welcomed new customers across a range of industries which will be critical to our growth.

Looking ahead, what do you think the rest of the year holds for Virti? What are you particularly looking forward to?

The rest of 2022 is set to be huge for Virti. We welcomed a big group of talented new team members in 2021, and our team continues to grow. I am looking forward to improving the platform’s content creation & learner experience as well as continuing to grow the product into new verticals.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Hobbies, talents, projects etc…

On a personal level, I’m all about getting better every day and building skills that will help me to achieve my personal goals. I wake up at 5am - I’m currently trying to stop using an alarm so I can wake up in peace! As soon as I’m up I work out, then meditate, practise yoga, journal, and read or study. Recently I’ve been taking classes in French, product design, and coding. I am a proud, and likely lifelong, New Yorker who enjoys walking, biking, running and going to Yankee games.

Peter at the IFA Convention, in San Diego

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