Healthcare L&D professionals want leaders to be open-minded about VR, AR and XR

Healthcare L&D professionals want leaders to be open-minded about VR, AR and XR

Learning and development (L&D) professionals working in healthcare are fairly savvy when it comes to immersive learning technologies – VR, AR and XR – according to a recent survey.

We polled 211 such professionals in the U.S. and found:

  • 85% are at least “somewhat familiar” with immersive training tools – compared with 77% who said the same about generative AI.
  • More than three-quarters of respondents work for organizations that either have implemented VR tools (34%) or plan to do so (43%).
  • The use cases are wide-ranging and most respondents identified three as having the highest potential – safety or hazard awareness (60%) and rehearsing emergencies (56%), and foundational medical education (52%). 

The final question was an optional open-ended and asked respondents what advice they’d offer to their leadership:

“If you could make one recommendation to your leadership about the use of immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality or artificial intelligence, what would you say?”

Nearly 38% of respondents wrote in (82) answers which can be summed up in a phrase: be open-minded. Here is a representative sample of comments:

1. Unique learning opportunities. “Immersive tech gives us additional tools to create safe and unique learning opportunities and is a great way to engage younger employees while giving older employees new skills that may transfer down the road.”

2. Keep an open mind. “Try to keep an open mind and see what there is to learn at first and then it will continue to learn.”

3. Cost-effective. “This is a cost-effective way of getting things done, and it will save our organization a lot of money.”

4. Worth the investment. “Worth the investment and as times change, we need to change as well.”

Download the full report for more detail here: Endless Possibilities: How Healthcare is Using Virtual Reality and AI for Learning and Development in 2023