Virti x Premium Service Brands: Setting a new gold standard in franchise sector training

Find out how Virti are partnering with Premium Service Brands to develop an accessible and engaging franchise sales and communications training program that is easy to scale and track.

Virti x Premium Service Brands: Setting a new gold standard in franchise sector training
Virti partners with Premium Service Brands

Virti are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with multi-brand home services franchisor Premium Service Brands to level-up the soft skills training offered to their franchisees.

Premium Service Brands works with over 1000 franchise businesses across the United States, and previously, sales and communication training was only accessible to franchisees through online or printed materials. This approach was receiving low engagement, and was proving to be expensive, difficult to scale, and impossible to track.

However, following the launch of this industry-first project, Premium Service Brands’ franchise businesses will be provided with our cutting edge training tech to improve their interaction with customers and supercharge their sales skills.

Premium Service Brands’ franchise businesses will be provided with Virti's cutting edge training tech to improve their interaction with customers and supercharge their sales skills. 

Doubling down on the skills that count

New research has highlighted a correlation between a franchisee's soft skills and their business’ success, emphasizing the crucial role of interpersonal communication in building customer trust and satisfaction.

This is supported by Premium Service Brands’ own analysis of the actions and best practices of franchise owners. Our predictions suggest that using the Virti platform will enable Premium Service Brands’ franchisees to advance their communication skills and gain a competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.

On-demand and trackable training

The immersive VR training now available on the Virti platform enables franchise business owners and their employees to access an extensive library of specially-created VR training simulations on-demand. They have access to realistic and interactive opportunities to practice their communication and sales skills - such as building rapport or identifying and addressing customer needs - away from the field. Our team has also created AI-powered ‘Virtual Human’ avatars, which franchisees can interact with to role-play different scenarios like difficult customer conversations or delivering sales pitches.

Through the Virti platform, data on users’ performance in these bespoke scenarios can be captured, enabling typically subjective soft skills to be tracked, measured and improved upon using key data points. Simulations will be continually added to the library to ensure that franchisees have a wealth of new material to learn and practice with.

Virti Platform - Virtual Humans

Supercharging performance  

VR and AR training enables users to experience real-world environments without the stress or awkwardness of in-person or group role play.

Virti’s technology has been shown to improve performance by up to 230%, as well as improve knowledge retention, boost confidence and reduce anxiety in trainees

Virti is the only all-in-one platform that can optimise the entire remote learner's journey.

One of the first things you can do to implement a successful blended learning strategy, is to use a platform that makes digital training and capturing feedback easy.

Our award-winning learning platform empowers organisations like yours to create digital learning experiences that feel like real life.

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Dr Alex Young, Founder of Virti, commented:

“It’s been fantastic to work with Premium Service Brands to roll out this trailblazing VR training initiative. Immersive VR training is not just for practicing complex technical procedures: it’s also a powerful way to practice notoriously hard-to-acquire soft skills that are invaluable in the competitive world of home service sales.
“Virti’s Virtual Human technology is powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing, which eliminates the bias and subjectivity that often limits the effectiveness of in-person soft skills training. Our tech is also easy to scale, making it an ideal fit for a franchising business that operates across the entire United States.
“We’re looking forward to working closely with Premium Service Brands over the coming months to develop increasingly sophisticated training simulations for their rapidly-growing family of franchisees.”

Deb Jewell, Vice President of Learning for Premium Service Brands, commented:

“As franchisors, we’re always looking for the best new technologies with the potential to help our franchisees make their businesses a success. We’re really excited about the launch of our VR soft skills training initiative, as we believe it’s going to make a huge difference to the knowledge and confidence of those who access the sessions.
“We’ve been working closely with Virti to design realistic, virtual environments and to replicate ‘real-life’ business scenarios with accuracy. This type of training is uniquely impactful, with the added benefit that VR training is low-stress and risk-free for all involved. At PSB we believe that Immersive training will become the new gold standard in the franchise industry, as it’s quick to scale, cost-effective and far more engaging than traditional teaching methods. I can’t wait to see how this project with Virti progresses.”

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